Healthcare Management System (HMS)

What is HMS and how is it impacting Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County?

HMS stands for Healthcare Management System which is precisely what it does.  MHLC went live with the registration, order entry, and materials management modules of HMS in July of 2008.  Order entry allows us to communicate the orders for lab, radiology, dietary, and the rehab departments, by simply entering the order in the computer. This provides faster and more efficient service for our patients. The registration portion allows us to register patients electronically and provide better continuity of care between all departments. Lastly, materials management allows us to keep a closer eye on inventory levels throughout the hospital. Overall, HMS has been a huge benefit to our hospital, helping us to acquire increased efficiency that allows us to concentrate more on our number one priority—providing care to our patients.

What is MHLC currently working on with HMS?

Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County is currently working with HMS to implement clinical documentation and electronic medication administration records, or "EMAR."  Clinical documentation allows the faculty to document and interchange patient care confidentially within our facility via the computer. Clinical documentation will also provide better continuity of care for our patients. EMAR will also allow us to document medication given to patients on the computer, and will provide more safety checks for our patients to achieve the best care.

What is MHLC doing to prepare for this transformation?

Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County is currently receiving a face life.  Our patients' rooms are being painted and new electrical work is being done.  We are preparing for the installation of computers in several of the patient rooms, which means a little rearranging.   All of the documentation forms from many of the departments are being entered into the computer.  Training will be provided to our staff at MHLC starting March 10th.  We are going live with clinical documentation and EMAR on March 24th.  MHLC is working as a team to increase our standard of care by moving forward into the computerized world. MHLC is excited to be involved with HMS. We are looking forward to our new implementations because we continually strive to provide the best possible care to our community.

What are MHLC's plans for the future with HMS?

Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County is planning to implement Physician Order Entry as soon as possible. Physician Order Entry involves the physicians in computer documentation. This part of the HMS system would allow the physicians to enter their orders in the computer. This would eliminate reading doctors' handwriting and would once again provide faster, more efficient care for our patients.