We believe that MHLC assumes an integral role in the delivery of health care in the county and surrounding area.

We believe in the individuality and dignity of every patient. We respect their right to be included in the planning and implementation of their care. We recognize the importance of patient education as an important step toward alleviation of fear, involvement in decision making and plan of care, and health maintenance.

We believe that health care is directed at maintaining a quality of safe, competent practice, assisting each patient and his family with their supportive, therapeutic, spiritual, rehabilitative and educational needs.

We believe that health care is directed at attaining and maintaining equilibrium at whatever point on the health-illness continuum the patient is found, to include comfort and support through the stages of dying.

We believe that all personnel have an obligation to be aware of current trends in medicine and to strive to incorporate new trends that are practical and beneficial to medical care in our institution.

We believe that MHLC shares responsibilities with other community and county services and medical staff for the health of the area residents. We recognize our position of functional interdependence and the need for cooperative action with our colleagues in these other community and county agencies.

We believe in the importance of the contribution of each member of the staff of MHLC; therefore, we foster a learning atmosphere for all levels of personnel. We also believe in the inherent responsibility of each member to seek, initiate and continue their professional development.

We believe that MHLC has a responsibility to continuously evaluate its function and activities, its personnel and care.